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David Martinez Jacket Lets You Experience Cutting-Edge Cybernetics World

Cyberpunk 2077 is one of the most famous games that became the gamers’ lifeline. They loved playing this game, and later on, when Cyberpunk: Edgerunners hit the screens, it made everyone go crazy. The anime lovers and the gamers community loved watching the web series of this Cyberpunk Edgerunners anime show. This anime show is about a young boy who lost his mother. David lived his entire life after his mother died for the targets she set for him. He was a street kid who tried to survive by becoming a mercenary and finally became a part of the organization his mother wanted him to be. 

David implanted a sandevistan cyberware on his back to achieve the powers that made him unique from others. Although he faced some negative consequences of wearing this sandevistan on his back, he still did it because he wanted to be a mercenary. His mother gifted him a yellow jacket, which is also a cyberwar. This David Martinez Jacket has become his symbolic jacket, and fans are absolutely in love with this jacket. A lot of brands that make anime and gaming-inspired costumes and costumes jackets took inspiration and made this jacket. I personally found this jacket to be a perfect jacket if you’re in love with this character and would love to do his cosplay in the upcoming Con events. 

About The Anime Series 

Cyberpunk Edgerunners is originally a Japanese anime series that a Japanese studio, Trigger, released. The creator of Cyberpunk 2077 and Cyberpunk Edgerunner is Mike Pondsmith. Both are their time’s masterpieces, and fans still love them. Cyberpunk 2077 was a game mainly about the famous character of V. V, the playable character in the previously released game Cyberpunk. However, Cyberpunk Edgerunner is a story about a young boy named David Martinez who lived alone with his mother, Gloria Martinez. She alone brought him up, and both of them had multiple challenges that life threw at them. The plot of this anime series takes several turns and makes this series more exciting every next minute. This anime series is worth investing your time and energy in.  

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Why You Should Watch This Edgerunners Anime Series

There are multiple reasons why you should watch this series. One thing that makes this anime series worth watching is its time limitation. Every episode is twenty-five minutes long, which makes it a binge-worthy anime show. Besides, every episode compels you to tune in to the next episode, yet it doesn’t take much time for you. You can binge-watch this show, but when you watch it by paying the right attention, you won’t regret it. It gets interesting every next moment, and you don’t wish to miss out on any scenes. 

On the other hand, this whole is everything about the world of Cybernetics. So, why not experience something that we’re not going to witness in the future for real? So, let’s enter into the world of cybernetics by watching this series and wearing the David Martinez Jacket. I attended the Sac Con event recently in March. Although it was not a very huge Con event, I saw two cosplayers of David Martinez. They totally nailed it, I must say. I figured out that creating the cosplayer of David Martinez isn’t that difficult, and you can simply play with your existing clothing layers and be a little more creative with yur makeup and hairstyle. Last but not the least is your acting skills that make it with cosplaying. 

Why Should A Cyber Fanatic should Own David’s Jacket? 

You don’t need an explanation and so many reasons to own this David’s jacket in your closet. If you’re a cyberpunk gamer or love to watch anime series, you’ll already be in the queue to get this jacket. Plan a movie night with your friends and cousins and create a whole vibe by wearing your favorite characters’ jackets. David’s jacket looks quite comfortable, and you can always wear this jacket even on days other than movie night or cosplaying days. Wearing this David Martinez Jacket lets you experience the world of cutting-edge technology that is coming soon in the future. 

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However, it may not come too soon; we may not be here to witness that. So, having this jacket will let you experience it a little bit earlier. So why don’t we take the benefit of his opportunity? At the same time, we have this opportunity to bring your favorite anime characters to real life. It’s possible by cosplaying them and wearing their costume-inspired jackets and adding a touch of acting skills. 

Using David’s Jacket To Style In Wintertime

Besides the cosplaying of David Martinez, there’s one thing you can always do using all the colorful, vibrant jackets. This jacket comes in a bright yellow color, and all the jacket lovers who love to wear colorful leather jackets love this jacket. The jacket has freakingly amazing specifications if you have a closer look at this jacket. One way to style this jacket is with the all-black layers. Grab a pair of black skinny denim and a black crew neck t-shirt inside this jacket.

A black sweatshirt is the right option instead of a black crew-neck T-shirt when it gets freezing cold. You can wear black denim over a sweatshirt if it gets frigid and then finally layer up this David’s jacket. A pair of black combat boots will go perfectly to compliment the entire look. You can always choose to accessorize a little bit by adding a metallic pendant or a bracelet. So, having this jacket in your access is never a bad idea. 

Start Anew

When you finally have this jacket in your closet, you’ll be able to figure out the ways to use this jacket in many ways. The outerwear is what makes or breaks your looks. So, choose wisely and get your hands on the cyberware soon to enjoy every bit of Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

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