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Massey Ferguson 1035 DI vs. Swaraj 735 XT: A Comprehensive Comparison

When it comes to farming, selecting the right tractor is a decision that can shape the future of your agricultural endeavors. It can mean the difference between a smooth, efficient operation and one fraught with challenges. In the world of agricultural machinery, two names stand out prominently: Massey Ferguson and Swaraj. These brands have earned the trust of countless farmers worldwide. Today, we embark on a thorough comparison of two agricultural stalwarts – the Massey Ferguson 1035 DI and the Swaraj 735 XT tractors.

These machines are not mere tools; they symbolize the transformative technology that has revolutionized agriculture. Join us as we delve into their features, benefits, and possible drawbacks, helping you make an informed decision tailored to your farming requirements.

Swaraj 735 XT vs. Massey Ferguson 1035 DI: Performance Showdown

In farming, choosing between a 36 HP Massey Ferguson 1035 DI and a 40 HP Swaraj 735 XT can significantly impact agricultural efficiency. These tractors, with their distinct engine capacities of 2400 CC and 2734 CC, respectively, embody a performance showdown that we’ll explore in detail.

Features Massey Ferguson 1035 DI Swaraj 735 XT
Horsepower 36 HP 40 HP
Engine Capacity 2400 CC 2734 CC
Engine RPM 2500 RPM 1800 RPM
Transmission Sliding mesh Constant mesh
Gears 6 Forward + 2 Reverse 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
Brakes Dry disc brakes (Dura Brakes) Oil-immersed brakes
Weight and Dimensions 1713 KG, 1830 MM (wheelbase), 3120 MM (length), 1675 MM (width) 1930 KG, 1925 MM (wheelbase), 3385 MM (length), 1730 MM (width)
Hydraulics and Lifting Capacity 1100 kg 1200 kg
Wheels and Tyres 6.00 x 16 front, 12.4X28 or 13.6X28 rear (optional) 6.00 x 16 front, 13.6 x 28 rear (standard)

Unveiling Design and Ergonomics

The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI and Swaraj 735 XT tractors are designed to enhance user comfort and operational efficiency. In this exploration, we’ll delve into the meticulous engineering that ensures these tractors excel in agricultural tasks, prioritizing functionality and performance for farmers.

1. Engine

In the Massey Ferguson 1035 DI vs. Swaraj 735 XT showdown, both tractors feature 3 cylinders; however, the Massey Ferguson boasts a higher 36 HP compared to Swaraj’s 40 HP, offering more power for demanding tasks. Furthermore, the engine capacity also differs, with the Massey Ferguson at 2400 CC and Swaraj at 2734 CC. Notably, the engine-rated RPM for the Massey Ferguson is 2500 RPM, while Swaraj runs at 1800 RPM. These variations in engine specs can significantly impact tractor performance in the field.

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2. Transmission

In comparing the Massey Ferguson 1035 DI and Swaraj 735 XT, it’s important to note that the Massey Ferguson has a sliding mesh transmission, a single clutch, and offers two gear options: 6 Forward + 2 Reverse or 8 Forward + 2 Reverse. Furthermore, its battery is rated at 12V 75 AH.

On the other hand, the Swaraj features a constant mesh transmission, providing smooth gear shifts, and offers a choice between single and dual clutch options. It boasts 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears for versatility in various tasks. Additionally, the Swaraj comes equipped with a 12V 88 Ah battery, providing ample power for sustained operations. These differences can significantly impact tractor performance and suitability for specific agricultural tasks.

3. Brakes

In comparing the Massey Ferguson 1035 DI and Swaraj 735 XT braking systems, the Massey Ferguson is equipped with dry disc brakes, specifically Dura Brakes. On the other hand, the Swaraj 735 XT features oil-immersed brakes. These brake systems offer distinct advantages and may influence your choice based on your operational needs and preferences.

4. Dimensions And Weight Of Tractor

In comparing the Massey Ferguson 1035 DI and Swaraj 735 XT, note that the Massey Ferguson has a total weight of 1713 KG, a wheelbase of 1830 MM, an overall length of 3120 MM, and an overall width of 1675 MM. In contrast, the Swaraj 735 XT weighs 1930 KG, has a slightly longer wheelbase at 1925 MM, an overall length of 3385 MM, and a wider width of 1730 MM. These weight, size, and dimension differences can affect maneuverability and suitability for various farming tasks.

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5. Hydraulics

In hydraulics and lifting capacity, the Massey Ferguson 1035 DI offers a lifting capacity of 1100 kg, while the Swaraj 735 XT surpasses it slightly with a capacity of 1200 kg. Both tractors feature a 3-point linkage system with draft, position, and response control, providing versatility and precision in agricultural operations. These hydraulic capabilities make both machines valuable assets for various farming tasks.

6. Wheels and Tyres

While they share similar configurations regarding wheels and tyres, the Massey Ferguson and the Swaraj 735 XT are designed as 2-wheel drive (2WD) tractors. Regarding front tyres, both models feature tires measuring 6.00 x 16. However, it’s in the rear tyres where we notice some distinctions.

The Massey Ferguson provides added versatility by offering two optional rear tire sizes: 12.4X28 or 13.6X28, giving you the flexibility to choose the most suitable option to match your farming needs. In contrast, the Swaraj 735 XT has 13.6 x 28 rear tires as its standard configuration. These tire specifications ensure optimal traction and stability during various agricultural tasks.

Additional Features of Massey Ferguson 1035 DI And Swaraj 735 XT

Certainly, here are some additional features of the Massey Ferguson 1035 DI and Swaraj 735 XT tractors:

Massey Ferguson 1035 DI:

  • Power Steering: The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI often comes equipped with power steering, enhancing maneuverability and reducing driver fatigue during long working hours.
  • Comfortable Operator’s Platform: These tractors typically offer a comfortable and ergonomic operator’s platform, with well-designed seating and controls to reduce operator fatigue.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Massey Ferguson tractors are known for their fuel efficiency, helping farmers minimize operating costs over time. It boasts a 47-liter fuel capacity.

Swaraj 735 XT:

  • High Torque Backup: Swaraj tractors are known for their high torque backup, which means they can effectively handle tough and demanding farming operations.
  • Optional Dual Clutch: Swaraj 735 XT provides the option of a dual-clutch, allowing operators to switch between gears smoothly and efficiently.
  • Better Ground Clearance: Some models of Swaraj tractors, including the 735 XT, offer good ground clearance, enabling them to work effectively in various terrains and conditions.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Swaraj tractors are often designed with ease of maintenance, making it convenient for farmers to perform routine servicing and repairs.
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Conclusive Comparison

Choosing between these tractors depends on your specific agricultural needs, terrain, and personal preferences. On one hand, the Swaraj 735 XT offers good lifting capacity and high torque backup, making it well-suited for demanding tasks. The tractor price range for the popular Massey Ferguson 1035 DI tractor is between Rs. 5.57 – 6.04 Lakh, while the Swaraj 735 XT, also a popular tractor, falls within the price range of Rs. 5.95 – 6.35 Lakh.

On the other hand, the Massey Ferguson 1035 DI provides more power and features like power steering, enhancing operator comfort. Therefore, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the tasks you’ll be performing, your budget, and terrain conditions when choosing your farming operations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Which tractor is better for heavy-duty farming tasks?

  • If you have heavy-duty farming tasks, the Swaraj 735 XT with its 40 HP engine and high torque backup would be a better choice.

2. Are there any additional attachments available for these tractors?

  • Yes, both Massey Ferguson 1035 DI and Swaraj 735 XT offer a range of attachments and implements to enhance their versatility for various farming operations.

3. Which tractor is more fuel-efficient?

  • The Massey Ferguson 1035 DI is known for its fuel efficiency, thanks to its 47-liter fuel capacity.

4. Can these tractors be used for other purposes besides farming?

  • Yes, these tractors can be adapted for various non-agricultural purposes like construction, transportation, and more with the right attachments.

5. Do these tractors come with a warranty?

  • Yes, both Massey Ferguson and Swaraj typically offer warranties for their tractors. Be sure to check with the dealer for specific warranty details.

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