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Ways to Keep Your Ring in Top Shape

When you invest in a ring, you want to keep it in the best possible condition. Whether it’s an army special force ring or any other ring, there are plenty of ways to make it last and retain its look good for long. Some of the things you can do include:

Have your ring inspected by a professional at least twice a year

Normal wear and use can cause your prongs to loosen or bend. Ensure the prongs properly hold your diamond to avoid any stones unintentionally falling out.

Thankfully, almost every jeweler will perform this free of charge, even if you did not purchase your ring.

You should identify a top-quality jeweler and take your ring to them.

Clean your ring four times a year.

Dirt, grease, and debris can become embedded in your ring. If you don’t clean it regularly, your ring will become dull, and you don’t want this.

Even the smallest coating can change how light reflects off a ring. You should polish your ring many times yearly to keep it shining brightly.

One of the best ways to keep your ring clean is to have it cleaned by a professional jeweler. You can always clean the ring yourself if you don’t have the money for the professional.

To do the cleaning, fill a small bowl halfway with warm water and add one full drop of dish detergent. With a spoon, combine the water and dish detergent. You should use a chlorine-free cleanser because it may react chemically with the precious metal in your ring.

Let your ring soak in soapy water for 10 minutes to dissolve grime and oil, then remove your ring and brush it with a soft bristle brush. Brush each side gently, paying great attention to the borders and the back of the ring.

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Once you are done, dry your ring with a lint-free towel or a hair dryer. You may see water spots on your diamond if you let it air dry instead.

When cleaning your jewelry, avoid using bleach or other abrasive agents. You risk damaging the metal and the finish on your ring. If you are unsure about cleaning the ring, visit a jeweler.

Reset the metal every few years.

Depending on the precious metal of your ring, you’ll want to follow the maintenance guidelines to keep it shining and in good condition.

Every metal will tarnish with time due to oxygen and moisture coming into touch with your ring.

If you have a platinum and yellow gold ring, you should polish it every couple of years to keep the ring smooth, surface, and brilliant.

If you have a white gold ring, you should note that the ring will most likely be coated with a thin layer of rhodium.

You need to dip the ring every few years to replace the rhodium coating, which can wear away over time and cause the band to turn yellow and lose its shine. The beauty is that this procedure is affordable, and many jewelers will even provide it for free.

Store the ring safely.

If you don’t wear your ring every day or decide to leave it at home while you go on vacation, be sure you have a safe place for it.

Choose a fabric-lined jewelry box with separators to keep your ring from rubbing against other jewelry pieces. Store the jewelry case in a lock box or fireproof safe for further security.

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Resize the ring, but not more than once

Hands swell and alter sizes during many life periods, such as pregnancy and postpartum. Rather than constantly resizing your ring, keep it in a safe place until it fits again.

While you can always resize a ring, doing so frequently might make the metal weaker and susceptible to long-term damage.

Don’t remove your ring in public.

While taking your ring off when washing your hands in a public washroom may be tempting, don’t do it. This is because it may go down the drain, or you may forget about it entirely.

You shouldn’t take off your ring in public places. The best way to go about it is to plan ahead of time for workouts or manual activity by carefully storing your ring at home before the day begins.

Remove the ring when engaging in manual activities

While you shouldn’t remove the ring in public, you should remove your ring when performing hand-intensive tasks such as moving furniture, gardening, lifting weights, or doing manual labor.

You should also remove your ring when swimming, kayaking, or paddle boarding.

By doing this, you will not only extend the life of your ring but also lessen the likelihood of it being misplaced.

By removing your ring, you are reducing its exposure to harsh chemicals and hard surfaces. The less wear and tear your ring receives, the better.

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